Logitech z207 2 0 stereo computer speakers review improved sound for all your devices by michael ansaldo freelance contributor pcworld aug 27 2019 6 05 pm pdt.

Logitech g560 gaming speakers review gaming performance while the g560 can handle any sound you throw at it from any source its.

I started getting sound but not the surround audio i really want just from my main 2 front speakers so until microsoft puts out a update that will fix this i will just have to deal with 2 channel stereo sound unless i just roll everything back and completely go back to 7 ultimate.

Intel dispaly audio device means that sound is redirected to your monitors your hdmi and vga displays if the monitors do not have speakers naturally there will be no sound your hp device uses realtek audio device you should be able to change the sound device in windows settings open settings app select system select sound and select realtek as.

In this article we will address the common issue ldquo no speakers or headphones are plugged in rdquo in windows 10 8 7 which many users have reported recently method 1 uninstall the audio driver a go to device manager by pressing win r together to open the ldquo run rdquo dialog enter devmgmt msc b look for your audio device from the list.

If no sound is coming from your speakers my girlfriends mini cooper amp recently died after being stored for a while d if you hear no sound coming from the speakers mdash including hum hiss reverb crash input cable pop or any other incidental non musical sounds mdash the problem could be the speaker itself.