The newest advances in veterinary technology july 1 2014 find programs and courses the world of animal medicine has seen drastic technological advances in the last 20 years many of the new tools and procedures have been adopted from human medical practice the advances have not only led to better treatments but also faster and more accurate.

Video smartwatches range finders and more of the newest golf technology in this edition of the equipment room presented by pga.

Top 5 newest technologies in agriculture 10 10 2019 drones are almost helpless where mapping or monitoring of large areas is required and it is better to complement the technology with satellite monitoring among already mapped areas where specific zones need to be cross checked.

Zeroavia announced it has raised another 35 million to help develop its 2 5 megawatt mw zero emission powertrain systems for commercial aviation zeroavia says it is on track to achieve commercialization for its hydrogen propulsion technology in 2024 with the new investment the company has.

Leeds newest technology talent partner solution performance resourcing is pleased to announce the addition of their newest recruit elysia cuthbert to the team as talent partner elysia has joined the team after a background in it security and compliance after graduating from newcastle university.

Technology today is evolving at a rapid pace enabling faster change and progress causing an acceleration of the rate of change however it is not only technology trends and emerging technologies that are evolving a lot more has changed this year due to the outbreak of covid 19 making it professionals realize that their role will not stay the same in the.

Nasas newest x ray telescope rockets into orbit nasas newest x ray observatory rocketed into orbit thursday to shed light on exploded stars black holes and other violent high energy events unfolding in the universe spacex launched the spacecraft on its 188 million mission from kennedy space center.

Coupled with our smart technology that captures and analyses lifting operation data to identify opportunities for improvement our solutions are designed to make lifting operations better for everyone rdquo more about verton verton is an innovative technology firm and inventor of the world rsquo s first remote controlled load orientation system.

Reading time 6 minutes solar power is in a constant state of innovation in 2019 with new advances in solar panel technology announced constantly in the past year alone there have been milestones in solar efficiency solar energy storage wearable solar tech and solar design tech read on to get the complete update on all the breakthroughs you should know.

Cape canaveral fla nasa rsquo s newest x ray observatory rocketed into orbit thursday to shed light on exploded stars black holes and other violent high energy events unfolding in the universe.

Event technology is too expensive for many event planners in 2018 a majority 61 of event professionals stated that the main thing preventing them from using event technology is the cost and 71 say the main reason they would choose not to work with a supplier is the price.

Europe rsquo s newest multipurpose arena nokia arena in tampere finland includes state of the art access management security and access control systems are integrated with arena staff shifts and logistics mobile devices and wristbands are used as keys rapid emergency exit is also central to the arena which draws 15 000 people.

Technology can help small business owners leverage limited capital in smarter more effective ways in some cases using technology provides greater efficiency and versatility making it a natural progression for processes you may already have in place in your business in others you may need to make some adjustments to reap the benefits of tech friendly.

The royal navy rsquo s astute class submarine is a nuclear powered attack submarine which will replace the five swiftsure class submarines launched between 1973 and 1977 and approaching the end of their operational life the initial order quantity was three but the uk ministry of defence mod ordered an additional four meaning seven submarines will be built.

Ask here feature from employee self service allows you to automatically route employee questions to exactly the right person to answer them.

Samsung has just unveiled what might well be its final phone of 2021 and while it won rsquo t be competing with the samsung galaxy s21 it.

Nike rsquo s newest apparel technology is fit adv a re engineered line based on motion capture body mapping and looking good in the mirror brittney griner of the phoenix mercury above disrupting an opponents rsquo shot during the 2021 finals all while wearing nike rsquo s latest fit adv apparel mdash fabric designed through 3d imaging to move along.

Zoom joins meta microsoft as the newest member of tech industry counterterrorism group gifct more technology news in hindi latest videos 19 06 tech wrap up 2021 part 1 19 06 the last.

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Nasas perseverance rover continues collecting martian rocks the car sized robot just snagged its fourth red planet rock sample drilling another core from an intriguing stone that it.

Gmit it sligo and lyit cua to become atlantic technological university in spring 2022 the minister for further and higher education research innovation and science simon harris has today tuesday 23 november 2021 announced the name of the tu in the west and north west as atlantic technological university atu.

Rov pilots design newest rov photo credit poseidon robotics llc one of the best examples of adapting modern technology and industry experience is seen in the unique vehicle power unit at only 28 inches long fitting 3kw 14 thruster controllers telemetry and all the accessory ports inside and leaving room for a large payload was a.

Textron aviation released news of a recent order for 10 cessna skyhawks destined for kansas state university salinea aerospace and.

Cape canaveral fla ap mdash dangerously high wind will keep nasa rsquo s newest space telescope on the ground for at least an extra day with the launch now targeted for saturday mdash christmas day mdash at the earliest nasa announced the latest delay tuesday upper level high wind could force a rocket off course or even damage or.