Board certification can be considered the icing on the cake for neuropsychology professionals you are not required to obtain it but it adds a certain level of respect to your resume the american board of clinical neuropsychology provides licensees with the opportunity to become certified through testing and a board vote.

Aacn maintains standards for the field of clinical neuropsychology by offering board certification in the specialty the academy oversees the exam process for board certified clinical neuropsychologists and holds an annual meeting with continuing education programs.

Select programs by december 09 thursday 01 presidents address np rehab perfect together 02 np the psychological care of persons with abi clinical neuropsychology and the psychological care of persons with brain disorders the leonard diller and yehuda ben yishay memorial lecture american board of professional.

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Our pcsas and apa accredited clinical science program is designed to train graduate students to produce and disseminate cutting edge knowledge that moves the field of clinical science forward the program simultaneously provides outstanding applied training in assessment and intervention and prepares students for professional licensure.

Regardless of whether you majored in psychology as an undergrad or are just now realizing you have an invested interest in the field a psychology masters program could be a great fit for you especially if youre not sure about pursuing a doctorate in this guide we look at what kinds of psychology masters programs are out there and what the point of these.

Certification programs abound but as you will read this is an unregulated field certification is not required university of missouri columbia and is completing a masters program in educational psychology with a specialization in neuropsychology comments alice carroll on 3 july 2020 at 07 11.