Hagerstown office 11110 medical campus road suite 227 hagerstown md 21742 phone 301 797 1900 fax 866 981 2695 silver spring office 10301 georgia ave suite 206 silver spring md 20902 specializes in neurology with sub specialization in epilepsy and sleep medicine.

Parkway neuroscience and spine institute hagerstown md parkway neuroscience and spine institute has three neurosurgeons four pain management specialists and three neurologists conditions treated include spinal stenosis degenerative disc disease and osteoporosis performance spine sports physicians pottstown pa.

Hereditary transthyretin attr amyloidosis is characterized by a slowly progressive peripheral sensorimotor and or autonomic neuropathy as well as non neuropathic changes of cardiomyopathy nephropathy vitreous opacities and cns amyloidosis the disease usually begins in the third to fifth decade in persons from endemic foci in portugal and japan.

4 amygdala in embryonic development the origin of the amygdaloid body or complex usually more simply called the amygdala has been traced to populations of diencephalic and telencephalic cells that form the floor of the lateral ventricle about 3 weeks after conception long before the first appearance of the developing temporal lobe at about 7 weeks.

Parkinsons disease pd gait abnormality.

Spinal hematomas are a frequent indication for radiologic evaluation and can be a diagnostic dilemma for many radiologists and surgeons there are four types of spinal hematomas epidural subdural subarachnoid and intramedullary spinal cord hematomas because they differ by their location in relationship to the meningeal membranes and spinal.

Ignoring evidence on causes of disease such as smoking can harm public health this report explores how public health experts started to ignore evidence that pediatric vitamin d deficiencies are associated with dental caries historical analyses show that an organization of clinical specialists the american dental association ada initiated this view.