Earning a bachelors degree is the first step toward becoming a neurologist there is no specific major required for undergraduate study however aspiring neurologists may benefit from concentrating their studies in biological sciences chemistry physics or pre med to meet admission requirements for medical school.

Increasing desert moons chances of dried snack success luna was recently chosen as one of 10 participants in a farm2food accelerator program co sponsored by the nevada department of agriculture.

The disease was identified in 1869 by the french neurologist jean martin charcot but became more widely known internationally in 1939 when it ended the career of one of baseball rsquo s most beloved players lou gehrig for many years following als was commonly known as lou gehrig rsquo s disease lsquo amyotrophic rsquo comes from the greek language.

Logotherapy is a term derived from ldquo logos rdquo a greek word that translates as ldquo meaning rdquo and therapy which is defined as treatment of.

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Even in the prime of our lives while still healthy and clever our brains may be secretly developing the deadly plaques and tangles of alzheimer rsquo s disease the first sign of trouble is memory.

This article covers the basics of the uniform declaration of death act or udda its legal significance and examples of specific state laws addressing the criteria for declaring an individuals death learn more at findlaws patient rights section.

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