Generally speaking net logon service has 2 dependency services server and workstation as you said your users are experiencing share folder and printer issues this leads me to believe that the issue might be caused by server service failure.

Remote desktop failure logon type was denied remoteinteractive by default if rdp logon fails credentials are only stored briefly this may not be the case if the computer is compromised net use server network net use server u user network mmc snap ins to remote computer network.

With windows server 2016 and group policy there are many things you can do without using logon scripts but sometimes you might need to do something very specific that will require powershell get started to configure logon script i rsquo ll use the group policy management console and edit a gpo called logon.

In this article this article provides some information about net commands on operating systems applies to windows server 2012 r2 original kb number 556003 this article was written by nirmal sharma microsoft mvp summary the following knowledgebase will explain the uses of net commands in windows operating systems.

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Note using windows server 2008 gpos to assign logon scripts is mostly the same as it was in windows 2003 but having some people asking me questions about it in windows server 2008 has triggered.

Got it solved the issue modifying the user properties in security session of sql server in sql server management go into security logon choose the user used for db connection and go into his properties go to securators tab and look for line connect sql mark grant option and take a try it works for me regards.

Note using windows server 2008 active directory users and computers aduc to assign logon scripts is mostly the same as it was in windows 2003 but having some people asking me questions about.

I have tried using logon trigger and it kicked out users as well as myself from login in so i had to delete the trigger i have also used server audit but didn rsquo t get any effective results no db name plus few hundred 1000 results which is not effective could you please suggest me a better way to deal with what i am looking for thank you.

Summary learn how to use windows powershell to discover logon session information for remote computers microsoft scripting guy ed wilson here this week we will have one guest blogger for the entire week sean kearney has written a series of blog posts about windows powershell and the legacy.

So whats in sys server triggers is there a logon trigger that prevents logins or not if there is theres no particular reason to assume re creating the login would change the conditions that the trigger uses to accept or reject the login that would require studying the contents of the trigger.

Logon type 8 ndash networkcleartext this logon type indicates a network logon like logon type 3 but where the password was sent over the network in the clear text windows server doesn rsquo t allow connection to shared file or printers with clear text authentication.