Shadow clone jutsu hand signs you will notice that there is an entire ritual naruto follows to create these chakra clones and as it might be fascinating to try it in real life you might be curious about this technique.

However beyond nature transformations the hand seal is useful in shadow clone jutsu though it isnt lightning wood or earth the serpent hand sign is one of the three signs used even if naruto never uses all three to make serpent all a ninja has to do is intertwine all of their fingers making sure their left thumb is on the outside 1.

The twelve general naruto hand signs used by most all ninjas there are twelve basic naruto hand signs that all ninja can perform each of which is named after one of the twelve animals in the chinese zodiac most ninja techniques require a series of these hand signs to be performed but a skilled ninja can reduce the amount of hand signs needed.

The knuckleheaded ninja is known for using the rasengan and shadow clones but as the series progresses he also learns to use the.

Description the user creates a shadow clone infused with the black fire of amaterasu due to its physical state it can perform fire and inferno style jutsus and interact with the environment if the clone is injured it burst into black fire burning everything around it.

Upon impact the ball explodes resulting in a very sizable blast radius as with the rasengan he can extend the ball forward with the use of a chakra arm at first naruto requires a shadow clone to assist him to form the sphere but while in bijuu mode he can form it on his own.

Unlike the shadow clone jutsu this technique puts a lot of strain on the chakra reserves of the user and is thus extremely dangerous for regular shinobi performing this technique is very hard since it is too much of a strain for their chakra pool however for someone like naruto it is extremely easy to perform 9 strength of a hundred seals.

While neji saw naruto as a failure of a shinobi he was in for quite a surprise even after sealing off all of narutos chakra naruto was still able to battle him thanks to the chakra of the nine tails inside of him naruto even managed to pull off an upset successfully fooling neji with a shadow clone and winning the match 13 good bye old.

While narutos team continues their search for sasuke sasuke meets itachi in a cave fights an illusion and is told to come to the uchiha hideout on their way sasukes team is intercepted by a shadow clone of naruto which sasuke easily dispatches the real naruto quickly sends his team after sasuke but they are stopped by tobi.