If you are new to ham radio or are looking for a new logging program log4om 2 may be for you it rsquo s got everything you need for a logger it will upload your qsos to qrz com clublog hrdlog net eqsl hamqth and lotw it even has contest logging and net control logging and it rsquo s free this is a windows only program.

Icom 7300 easy transmitter settings for digital operation is a followup article to my last post icom 7300 receiver settings for digital operation in this post there are some additional receiver settings i have a couple of youtube videos on transmitter settings but i hope to simplify and produce one concise video that includes the transmitter settings in the icom.

Ft8 is destroying ham radio jon march 17 2018 for sale kenwood usb digital interface with ptt control psk31 psk ft8 sstv wspr 231814164137 introduction the popular elecraft kx3 is a very flexible small footprint hf 6m sdr software defined radio that can be used without a computer.