The meaning of hydrologic cycle is the sequence of conditions through which water passes from vapor in the atmosphere through precipitation upon land or water surfaces and ultimately back into the atmosphere as a result of evaporation and transpiration mdash called also hydrological cycle water cycle.

Deforestation occurs when large forested areas are cleared for agriculture and grazing of livestock according to a report by the united nations framework convention on climate change unfcc about 48 of deforestation is caused by subsistence farming about 32 by commercial agriculture about 14 by logging and about 5 by removal of fuelwood.

Water users ndash from communities to industries to ecosystems ndash are in turn affected their activities and functions depend either directly or indirectly on water change is underway with climate change the water cycle is expected to undergo significant change.

Socio hydrology as a relatively new paradigm in resilient water management has gained increased attention these days in reconciling.

The second is the increase or decrease in the total amount of water in the oceans this is primarily caused by the increase or decrease in the quantity of global ice on the earths landmasses during the biggest pleistocene glaciations about 20 000 years ago mean sea level was about 400 feet 120 meters lower than mean sea level today.

Amazonia hosts the earth rsquo s largest tropical forests and has been shown to be an important carbon sink over recent decades1 ndash 3 this carbon sink seems to.

The effects of climate extremes such as droughts or storms on the carbon cycle of ecosystems are investigated such extremes can decrease regional carbon stocks recent studies indicate that the.

Typically hydrological problems require approaches capable of describing and simulating part of the hydrological system or the environmental consequences of natural or anthropic actions tools such as multiagent system mas and rainfall runoff model rrm have been used to help researchers to develop and better understand water systems thus this.

This aspect of the hydrologic cycle is vital not only to agriculture but also to human life and natural ecosystems pimentel et al 2004 availability of water although water is considered a renewable resource because it is replenished by rainfall its availability is finite in terms of the amount available per unit of time in any one region.

With current diets and production practices feeding 7 6 billion people is degrading terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems depleting water resources and driving climate change 1 2 it is particularly challenging to find solutions that are effective across the large and diverse range of producers that characterize the agricultural sector.

As water levels in rivers and lakes fall water supply problems can develop these can bring about other social problems many of these problems are health related such as lack of water poor nutrition and famine other problems include conflicts over water usage and food and forced migration away from drought stricken areas.

Hydrologic cycle the process of evaporation vertical and horizontal transport of vapor condensation precipitation and the flow of water from continents to oceans it is a major factor in determining climate through its influence on surface vegetation the clouds snow and ice and soil moisture.

2020 ldquo deforestation induced warming over tropical mountain regions regulated by elevation rdquo nature geoscience 1 7 xia y guan k copenhaver k and wander m 2020 ldquo a multi site estimation of cover crop biomass and n credits using sentinel 2 satellite imagery and site based covariates rdquo agronomy journal.

Fig 1 carbon dioxide and global mean climate system changes relative to preindustrial conditions in 1765 from 1 illustrative model the bern 2 5cc emic whose results are comparable to the suite of assessed emics 5 7 climate system responses are shown for a ramp of co 2 emissions at a rate of 2 year to peak co 2 values of 450 550 650 750 850.