Followmyhealth is connecting millions of patients to their doctor in a whole new way when your doctor uses followmyhealth you have access to secure messaging appointment scheduling telehealth at participating providers and so much more making it easy to manage your health on your terms.

When creating a new followmyhealth account you will have the option to select the fmh secure login method as a way to get into your account this icon looks like a green shield in doing so you will be asked to create a unique username and password which you will use as your uhr credentials.

Welcome welcome to the national institutes of health clinical center followmyhealth patient portal a secure system that connects you to important resources the nih clinical center followmyhealth patient portal is designed to provide you with access to key medical information regarding care you received at the clinical center including lab test.

View my hospital information followmyhealth login or sign up followmyhealth how to set up your followmyhealth account the hospital patient portal followmyhealth contains visit information from your hospital stay or emergency room visit including discharge summaries from these visits.

A dependents followmyhealth account will be linked to an authorized individual representatives followmyhealth universal health record account until the earlier of the date i the minor dependent reaches the age of 18 or ii followmyhealth is notified by the dependents provider or a court of law or agency with appropriate authority that.