Any link to or advocacy of virus spyware malware or phishing sites as previously posted merging the two accounts is not possible since both of your accounts are microsoft accounts i e your live account and the hotmail outlook account you cant merge these two into one microsoft account via a sign in alias.

In this article why aligning your accounts is important if you use a different personal microsoft account msa on microsoft learn than the personal account you use to sign into your microsoft certification profile and certification dashboard you will not be able to connect your certification profile to your microsoft learn profile.

Select manage priority accounts select add accounts and on the add priority accounts page in the search field type the name of the person you want to add to the priority accounts list select the user and choose save remove a user from the priority accounts list go to the microsoft 365 admin center at https admin microsoft com.

Finally click on activation in the left hand menu at the top you rsquo ll get some info about which edition of windows you have installed and whether or not it is activated if the product key license can be stored in your microsoft account you rsquo ll see the add a microsoft account option at the very bottom click on add an account and you rsquo ll be asked to sign in.

However you cannot merge two microsoft accounts but you can connect them and use them in one account this post from minitool introduces how to merge microsoft accounts sometimes you may want to merge two microsoft accounts unfortunately at the time of writing it is currently not possible to merge microsoft accounts.

Previously you may have used multi linking and multi user access to link accounts and gain visibility into separate and distinct accounts that are organized under different manager accounts but if for example an agency inherited a microsoft advertising account there was no way to consolidate two separate manager accounts into one parent.

Lets say i have two workstations to be shared by 5 other users i will do the following step assign one user as a dem assign him her with microsoft intune device license 2 license month purchase two more licenses for those two workstations and wont assign to any users or group of devices questions will the setting work.

Using your phone to sign in with pin or fingerprint is a seamless way to incorporate two account proofs in a way that feels natural and familiar heres how you set it up if you already use the microsoft authenticator for your personal account select the dropdown button on your account tile and choose enable phone sign in.

Actually two step verification applies to your microsoft account in general and not just access to your outlook com mailbox you can set it up in the following way log on to the microsoft account management website at the top click on security on the right click on the link more security options.

To combine two microsoft accounts use one of the following two methods pst file merging making use of skype the ways for merging microsoft accounts are as follows 1 log in to your outlook account and connect the email this stage is a little difficult so follow the instructions carefully however consider yourself fortunate because.

Whatsapp is attached to a phone number and two whatsapp accounts can be used on a single android smartphone the instant messaging app is among the most popular apps in the world it allows you to.

Windows 11 makes it easy to add the microsoft accounts or work or school accounts you use for your apps in one place so you can sign in to your favorite apps easier and faster when you add an account in this central location in settings that account will be a listed account available to select to sign in to an app with.

Microsoft doesn rsquo t want you to lose access to your drive just because you rsquo re disorganized or unlucky note however that only windows 11 home requires the login while windows 11 pro won rsquo t.