Instead you may wish to entirely close your playstation account and permanently delete it from existence so that its lost in the ether you can do that whether you have a ps4 or ps5 but youll.

Lastly just for clarity trophies that you rsquo ve earned on previous playstation systems will come with you to playstation 5 just as they have in previous generation transitions the new trophy levels will be reflected in all locations that trophy levels are shown including past systems ps app and my playstation.

Now i see name changes but it seems like i can rsquo t release my old name and recover it on my current account all i rsquo d want is to have my damnscout name back on my current account it rsquo s sitting their gathering dust this name change doesn rsquo t solve the problem would love it if sony would allow for this to happen in some capacity.

Setting up a ring account can be easy but knowing how to delete a ring account is important and requires some expertise ring operates all of its product offerings and devices on a cloud based networking system this allows all user owned data and video capture to be stored and easily accessed through the ring smartphone application having.

Write a letter to sony to contact playstation about legal issues draft a professional letter explaining your issue or detailing why you rsquo re contacting playstation include your account information and contact information so playstation can follow up with you after they receive the letter.

Playstation now is only available on pc the playstation 4 and the playstation 5 but the verge found evidence in documents for the ongoing epic v apple trial that sony planned to bring ps now.

Download play delete and re install content purchased from playstation store is added to your library as well as being downloaded to your console so you can delete any digital game from your console and keep them safe in your library ndash ready to download again whenever you want to jump back in.

Note when the screen mirroring standby screen displayed the wireless connection between the tv and your wireless router access point is disconnected connect your screen mirroring compatible mobile device to the tv configure your mobile device to connect to the tv the instructions below use xperia android trade os 4 4 or later as an example.

Important this article applies only to specific products and or operating systems check applicable products and categories for details check the following on your computer make sure you select your speakers as your playback device.

Playstation network if you want to leave sonys game network behind the best you can do is call sony customer service at 1 800 345 sony to deactivate an account but you wont be able to use that.

The nostalgia of playing old school playstation games is awesome for a lot of us but without having every generation of console it can be difficult to get in on some of the best titles of yesterday playstation now sony rsquo s online game streaming service is the solution to that quandary but man is it really worth coughing up an andrew jackson every month just to play.