To receive an inward payment from overseas, you'll need to provide the sender with: Your account number (as it appears on your ANZ account/statement) Your account name (full legal name) Your full residential address; Your bank name and address, which is ANZ BankFor ANZ Online Saver accounts, ANZ Access Advantage accounts, ANZ Progress Saver accounts, ANZ Premium Cash Management Accounts and ANZ Pensioner Advantage accounts we will work out interest on the balance of your account at the end of each day We have built a strong presence in the country over the years, connecting our customers with trade and capital flows between Singapore and our home markets of Australia and New Zealand For ANZ term deposits, interest accrues daily, based on the closing balance of the term deposit account on Share your account details using the ANZ App Overseas payments To make things easier, you can use the ANZ App to share your BSB and account number 25 Victoria Parade ANZ first began operations in Singapore in 1974 Here are some simple steps to show you how: Open the ANZ AppANZ in SingaporeANZ House 25 Victoria Parade Suva Fiji There may be times when you want to share your BSB and account number with a trusted person, like receiving birthday money, or a friend paying you for lunch