Is there sommeone who could help me to change the user name of the computer email password on a lenovo yoga book yb1 x91f 10 1 windows 10 i would like to get rid of all those and have my computer open directly to windows thank you foryour help and have a.

Windows central the thinkpad p15 gen 2 needs a design change to keep it relevant the thinkpad p15 gen 2 gets a hardware refresh but some of its features mdash including display camera and chassis size mdash are looking outdated in the modern workstation market review the thinkpad p15 gen 2 needs a design change to keep it relevant gaming.

Power on password hard disk password supervisor password security keyhole discrete tpm 2 0 tcg certified optional intel vpro technology this is the way of the thinkpad things change at a.

When buying used thinkpads ensure that the bios is not locked with a supervisor password and computrace a k a absolute lojack for laptops is not activated blog posts are encouraged when buying a new thinkpad consider taking the ips screen option if possible as it doesnt cost much.

Internal components after the new 16 10 display choices the other major change to the 9th generation thinkpad x1 carbon comes on the inside as this is.

The thinkpad p14s lenovo rsquo s most mobile workstation is now available with amd ryzen trade pro processor with professional level integrated radeon trade pro graphics all in a compact 14 inch chassis striking a balance between power and mobility the thinkpad p14s is perfect for highly mobile power users allowing students engineers or designers to.

Lenovo thinkpad t430 intel core i7 at amazon for 158 04 the thinkvantage active protection stops the hard drive when it senses a change in motion display and audio the 14 inch 1366 x.

I have lenovo thinkpad t450s and my screen cracked so i had to change my screen and changed but after i have changed my screen i can no longer adjust brightness on my laptop but ive noticed you said that you can change the brightness in the bios.

The thinkpad x13 yoga gen 1 starts at 971 1 447 as tested is lenovos elite 13 3 inch 2 in 1 convertible notebook for business though it bears a.

The thinkpad x1 yoga gen 6 rsquo s spacious 16 10 screen predictably solid inputs and all around excellence make it our top premium business convertible.

How to reset windows 10 password on lenovo computer user accounts option in control panel of windows 10 allows you to assign a password to the account to prevent your lenovo computer from unauthorized access but chances are that sometimes you may forgot your windows admin user password on computer.

Check new mac address your new mac address will now show while listing network interface using ifconfig command change to a specific mac address the following procedure on kali linux can be used to spoof mac address to a specific string.

Question if you are in a subdirectory such as projects p1 a a1 a11 what single command would you use to return to your home directory from the current working directory answer the easiest but not only way to return to user rsquo s home directory from any directory within a filesystem is to use cd command without any options and arguments.