This article describes how to change a windows active directory and lds user password through ldap the first is similar to a normal user change password operation in this case the modify request must contain both a delete and an add operation the delete operation must contain the current password with quotes around it.

Changing a citrix gateway user rsquo s password can be either forced or user initiated to force a change use the procedure for changing the password of an aaa tm user as described in the article at ctx201133 how to change password for ldap authentication for netscaler gateway and aaa tm users if you enable user initiated password change the change.

Administrative users the administrative passwords can be changed in two ways if you have sasl access or know the configuration directory password you can change it with ldapmodify and slappasswd the other way is to backup the configuration directory to an ldif generate a new password with slappasswd and restore the modified backup sometimes.

Enter ldap in the menu search box to find one of the nodes that lets you create basic authentication policies or navigate to citrix gateway policies authentication ldap on the right in the policies tab click add change the server drop down to the ldap server you created earlier give the ldap policy a name one for each domain.

To change your password you will need to bind to an ldap user entry and authenticate with the current password this follows the same general syntax as the other openldap tools we will have to provide several arguments beyond the conventional bind arguments in order to change the password.

We can set ad user property values using powershell cmdlet set aduser the set aduser cmdlet modifies the properties of an active directory user normally you can force an ad user to change password at next logon by setting the ad user rsquo s pwdlastset attribute value as 0 but this set aduser cmdlet supports the extended property changepasswordatlogon you can.

In the network security ldap client signing requirements properties dialog box select require signing in the list and then select ok in the confirm setting change dialog box select yes how to set the client ldap signing requirement by using a domain group policy object select start run type mmc exe and then select ok.

Ldap schema microsoft active directory click directory tab and configure the following fields this will populate the trees containing users and trees containing user groups fields by scanning through the directories in search of all trees that contain user objects ldap authentication failed overview of ldap authentication process.