I wanted to get modern combat but it made me put in my microsoft account so i logged in and installed but then i saw it changed the name of the user and changed the password of his user account to my microsoft account i wanted to know if there is a way to sign out of my microsoft account on his computer.

Sign out of teams on desktop to sign out of the teams desktop client or from the browser select your profile picture at the top of the app and then select sign out for the desktop app you can also right click the app icon in the taskbar and then select sign out if you have multiple accounts added youll need to sign out of each.

On your own pc you sign out of your microsoft account the same way you would with any windows user account that will sign you out of your microsoft account on your own computer but you may still be signed in to your microsoft account on a different computer or on a phone or a tablet and even if you sign out on every device you can think of.

To sign out of the microsoft account click on the sign out button which appears right next to your profile step 4 when you get the following confirmation prompt click on the sign out button note that signing out of the microsoft account will.

Sign out microsoft account from windows 10 you can use microsoft account when you use microsoft office 2013 or 2016 while sharing your documents on the network so you have to have microsoft account otherwise you will not be.

Idle session sign out lets you specify a time at which users are warned and subsequently signed out of microsoft 365 after a period of browser inactivity in sharepoint and onedrive note idle session sign out applies to the entire organization and cant be set for specific sites or users.

Re sign into windows 10 with office 365 account we have the non profit version of office 365 i believe its e2 when i join a device to the azure domain and the user then logs on with their o365 email password they are automatically configured as a local user.

How to sign in or sign out of microsoft store app in windows 10 the microsoft store app in windows 10 offers various apps games music movies tv and books that users can browse through purchase or get for free to download and install for their microsoft account in windows 10 pcs and devices to be able to install apps from the store you must be signed.

We creating new guest in the azure ad portal for google accounts we setup the google federation for non microsoft account we use the one time passcode feature this setup is working fine when the account is created in azure ad it can be added as a guest member in teams the guest users get rsquo s a teams invite by mail.