Norwegian archaeologists said monday they have found a cluster of longhouses including one of the largest in scandinavia using ground penetrating radar in the southeastern part of the country mdash in an area that researchers believe was a central place in the late nordic iron age the longhouses mdash long and narrow single room buildings mdash were found in gjellestad 86.

Archaeologists have discovered remains of a roman arched aqueduct during excavation work on the hellenistic royal city of artashat artaxata in ancient armenia it is the easternmost arched.

They might also be buried because of these characteristics field crews have to carefully examine their surroundings to find possible fossils fossils might also be fragile or found in small fragments archaeologists have to use their skill and patience to put small pieces back together like a jigsaw puzzle although fossil dating is now more.

All these types of trace fossils help archaeologists decipher the happenings and the activities of the past life tracks and trails refer to animal footprints for instance that were initially made of soft sediment after which they later transformed into hard sedimentary rock.

Fossils indicate a communal nesting ground and adults who foraged and took care of the young as a herd scientists say to borrow a line from the movie ldquo jurassic park rdquo dinosaurs do move in herds and a new study shows that the prehistoric creatures lived in herds much earlier than previously thought.

The newly discovered fossils are 200 000 years old in denisova cave scientists have unearthed the oldest fossils to date of the mysterious human lineage known as the denisovans with these 200 000 year old bones researchers have also for the first time discovered stone artifacts linked to these extinct relatives of modern humans a new study.

Unfortunately we were only able to find 13 fossils and not 15 im not sure if that was a fabrication fault or if we accidentally threw them out i wpuld also suggest to do this activity outdoors as it can get pretty dusty overall it is a very fun educative item.

A treasure trove of dinosaur fossils have been discovered in poland dec 14 2021 4 min ago 0 experts say there are likely thousands.

Archaeologists have unearthed the skeletons of five prehistoric mammoths at a site where cave dwellers dined 215 000 years ago after finding a neanderthal axe in a.

Norwegian archaeologists find late iron age longhouses norwegian archaeologists said monday they have found a cluster of longhouses including one of the largest in scandinavia using ground.

If you were hoping to find the remains of ice age beasts you might expect to travel to siberia not swindon but that is exactly where sally and neville hollingworth two amateur archaeologists.

Fossils found in chile are from a strange looking dog sized dinosaur species that had a unique slashing tail weapon scientists reported wednesday some dinosaurs had spiked tails they could use as stabbing weapons and others had tails with clubs the new species described in a study in the journal nature has something.

Dino mite find remains of a toothless two legged dinosaur that lived 70 million years ago are discovered in brazil the specimen was recovered by experts from the national museum of brazil.

Archaeologists in the province are typically hired to assess proposed development or logging sites not to explore caves mdash though they do also conduct research excavations at known villages and.

Archaeologists added that the pyramid is bigger than we had anticipated the structure is connected by roads located on top of surrounding elevations gallaga added that after all of the information we can confirm that this pyramid exceeds in height the pyramid of the sun at teotihuacan which measures 65 meters.

The science behind honey rsquo s eternal shelf life a slew of factors mdash its acidity its lack of water and the presence of hydrogen peroxide mdash work.

Homo naledi a new species of human ancestor found in south africa may have buried its own dead a discovery that could change our view of human evolution.

Archaeologists uncover fossils of a new species of dinosaur in cruzeiro do oeste brazil cfp remains of a toothless two legged dinosaur species that lived some 70 million years ago have been discovered in brazil researchers said thursday calling it a very rare find.

Archaeologists have discovered prehistoric cave and rock paintings and other archeological remains that have shed light on what life was like in the once green sahara bits of pottery suggest that.

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The fact that humans could have been in north america at or near the same time is expected to spark debate among archaeologists worldwide raising new questions on the origin and migration of the.