Judicial watch argued that the supreme court should hear its case because the u s court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit erred in undermining the freedom of information act in giving clinton unwarranted special treatment that conflicts both with supreme court precedent and the precedents of other courts of appeal including its own.

Who is hillary clinton hillary clinton was born in chicago and went on to earn her law degree from yale university she married fellow law school graduate bill clinton in.

Former fbi general counsel james baker will likely be called to testify in the case against former clinton campaign attorney michael sussmann who is charged with lying to advance the bureaus.

This is weirdly revealing hat tip technofog in a court filing today by special counsel john durham it rsquo s noted that previously indicted igor danchenko the primary sub source for christopher steele rsquo s fraudulent dossier against donald trump is now represented by the same lawyers representing hillary clinton rsquo s legal interests john durham is asking the court to.

This is an unbiased comparison of the political positions and policies of hillary clinton and donald trump candidates for president from the democratic and republican parties respectively on many issues the candidates positions align with the political platform of their party mdash clinton is pro choice trump is pro life clinton supports the dream act and a path to.

Hillary clinton predicts trump running again in 2024 calling it a lsquo make or break point rsquo mdash hillary clinton says donald trump running for president again in 2024 could have a negative impact on the country mdash the former secretary of.

But anger at hillary clinton doesn rsquo t explain how assange got documents on clinton in the first place in the case of the dnc hacks the answer is about as clear as things can get in cyberspace.

The clinton rules are driven by reporters and editors desire to score the ultimate prize in contemporary journalism the scoop that brings.

Hillary clinton says lsquo no emergency at border rsquo twitter takes her down 10th february 2019 4 00pm federal lawsuit filed against obama comey for hillary clintons crimes cover up 10th july 2018 12 00am hillary clinton is a lsquo drunken lying hag rsquo blasts james woods 10th july 2018 7 00pm.

Former president bill clinton center and daughter chelsea clinton right look on during a ceremonial swearing in for secretary of state hillary rodham clinton monday feb 2.

Hillary clinton was right about the deplorables mdash and about the end of roe v today the court is hearing a case out of maine that could require states to pay for the tuition of.

Austin tx november 17 former u s secretary of state hillary rodham clinton signs copies of her new book what happened at bookpeople on november 17 2017 in.

Former secretary of state and 2016 democratic nominee hillary clinton is betting that former president donald trump will seek a white house bid once again in 2024 and warned that if he is elected again it could be the end of u s democracy clinton who lost to trump in the 2016 election spoke.

Hillary clinton warned in a new interview that a possible 2024 presidential run by donald trump will be an inflection point for america ldquo if i.

Igor danchenko now represented by hillary clinton lawyers the conservative treehouse by sundance original article posted by ida lou pino 12 20 2021 1 45 30 pm in a court filing today by special counsel john durham it rsquo s noted that previously indicted igor danchenko the primary sub source for christopher steele rsquo s fraudulent dossier against.

Sheltons rapist was defended by hillary clinton as a young lawyer that man was convicted of a lesser charge and served 10 months in.

Hillary clinton has shared for the first time what would have been her victory speech had she won the 2016 presidential election watch the videos below the former democratic nominee choked up at times as she read the triumphant address which celebrated the country rsquo s choice of ldquo decency rdquo and her historical ascent to become the first female president.

In 1973 the united states supreme court struck down a texas statute that banned abortion setting a precedent in the case of roe v wade and igniting a legal and cultural battle that continues to.

Guests roberta kaplan karen dunn hillary clinton hillary clinton is going to be here joining us live tonight this is going to be my first chance to.

Bill clinton hasnt been called to testify despite making several flights on epsteins jet former democrat president bill clinton has not been called as a witness in the trial of child sex trafficker jeffrey epsteins alleged accomplice ghislaine maxwell despite making at least 26 flights on their private jet.

Today rsquo s paper advertisement arguing before the supreme court for the first time in the case frontiero v expected that hillary clinton would win the nomination and the presidency and.