The hd 400 pro is available now and retails at 249 msrp the headphones come with a 3 meter coiled cable and a 1 8 meter straight.

The hd 400 pro features a wide frequency response of 6 to 38 000 hertz to give music producers the full account of their mix the sennheiser developed 120 ohm transducers include a diaphragm made from a special polymer blend which together with powerful driver magnets yields deeper yet totally clear and well defined bass.

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The hd 400 pro has a comfortable and lightweight open back design with soft velour ear pads to help with long sessions read on to know more about the latest headphone sennheiser hd 400 pro price in india availability sennheiser hd 400 pro is priced at rs 21 990 the headphones will be available soon via amazon and the official sennheiser.

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Both the amazon fire hd 8 and onn pro 8 are 8 inch tablets that have 32gb of built in storage plus an sd card slot for additional storage those 32gb of built in storage should be enough for.