For example if you have blue blue green and green colors next to each other in a design your blue green mix should be an even mix of the two for a balanced look if your middle color is too blue or too green it will throw off your harmonious trio of colors.

Industrial interior design is pleasingly flexible consisting mostly of neutral hues and materials that focus on unique textures this design style is easy to pull off with lighting decor and furniture despite its simplicity and minimal design tropes industrial style manages to create a bold statement.


Timeless harmonious and warm transitional style combines traditional and modern sensibilities to create spaces that will always feel contemporary hollywood regency style get the look few interior design styles carry with.

Balance is one of the principles of organization of structural elements of art and design along with unity proportion in modern and contemporary art the definition and limits of balance are constantly probed and examined composition relates to the harmonious use of versatile elements in art that create a whole in this book henry.

Contrast refers to the use of conflicting elements or colors while still remaining harmonious and unified when the artwork is viewed as a whole 4 variety variety pertains to the different types of elements used in a piece ndash for example small and large elements as well as black and white elements 5 movement.