Our handrails have a look at some of most popular handrails for garden steps and outdoor safety in our product catalogue we rsquo ve provided a quick how to measure guide and an easy to follow 5 step process to help you find your perfect handrail get in touch if you would like to speak to our very friendly customer advice team you can find our contact details here or get.

We will explain all the requirements essential for the standard railing height and decking handrail heights etc building codes apply to interior and exterior stairways that people usually use on balconies stairs ramps walls and decks exterior stairs contain special needs and considerations to implement the design and construction process.

Handrail height a handrail must be between 865mm and 1070mm 34 and 42 inches above the nosing in the u s the i codes require handrail placed between 34 and 38 inches in commercial applications the nbc permits the top or a guard 42 prime minimum height to also serve as handrail.

Slope the slope is the degree at which your stairs or steps go upwards it rsquo s a product of the runner to riser ratio and can be measured from nose to nose the average slope for home steps or stairs is around 35 degrees give or take railing the railing is the diagonal handrail that you hold on to when climbing or descending stairs there.

Deck guardrail height deck guardrails guards should rise to at least 36 inches above the residential deck level this is a minimum required height for residential structure mdash higher guards are acceptable commercial deck guardrails such as those found at restaurants bars and at multifamily homes such as apartments or condos are required to be.

Researching different staircase designs materials and ideas early on in a project will mean when the time comes to approach suppliers and architects or getting your hands stuck in diy you will have a clear idea of the finished product which will save both time and money from contemporary wooden stairways to glass floating steps there are so many modern.

The difference the entire step is now visible as well as your surroundings think handrail or unassuming flowerpot wall lights are easy to install great for retrofitting and can be surface mounted or recessed but the best part of substituting step lights with wall lights is the profitability take for instance a deck with three long steps.