The front desk does carry a lot of weight here are five characteristics of a good front desk officer 1 friendly attitude at the front desk it is important to have a person who is genuinely good natured mdash not someone with a fake smile patients can spot that from a mile away.

Not all hotel front desk staffers are equally empowered to dole out things like free amenities room credits or upgrades ldquo if you feel like the front desk is.

A hotel front desk staff rsquo s friendliness competency and efficiency are proven factors in the effectiveness of their first impression on guests its all about the customer experience but even if you hire well its still suggested to conduct hotel front desk training in order to bring out those characteristics in your staff and establish consistent experiences.

The front desk staff is uniquely positioned to monitor its condition and keep it orderly your maintenance procedures should include straightening magazines throwing away trash restocking coffee or snack items if you offer them and straightening chairs.

Front desk employees at hotels commonly diffuse situations with disgruntled guests and help solve problems interviewers asking this question want to know how you respond to conflict at work so you can form an answer that reflects your past experience with handling dissatisfied customers.

Step away from your desk for just a moment and you might never know a guest has arrived in the meantime your visitors are left waiting at the front desk until someone has the time to track you down solution don rsquo t depend on the front desk staff to alert you when your visitors have arrived a visitor management solution automatically sends.

To organize your desk start by clearing everything off the top of it and emptying all of the drawers then go through everything and throw away whatever you dont need or want once youve done that put your most essential items near the front of your desk so theyre within reach when you need them.

In a viral tiktok a hotel guest said she and other hotel goers were left to run the front desk after every employee allegedly walked out on the place ldquo every employee walked out at.

As a receptionist the reception area is your responsibility from the minute you start there will be several things that you will need to do at the start of the day and also the end of the day these will vary from each organisation.

Desk organization has always been difficult for many of us that work from home or at an office for example when i was a journalist i stacked old newspapers printed pages and layout designs all over my large desk and a conference table.

How to stand tall and face away from your desk a point your toes towards the wall in front of you place your hands behind you on your desk with your fingers facing the opposite direction of your feet b lift your chest up towards the ceiling roll your shoulders back and gently press hips forward.

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All that rsquo s around you adds or takes away energy and attention your desk setup affects how much you can advance do and produce that rsquo s why we would love to share ten practical desk setup ideas that will bring maximum productivity and comfort to you apply these ideas to transform the place where you spend so many hours a day 1.

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