The southland 6 ton electric log splitter features a powerful 1 75 hp 15 amp induction motor that effortlessly splits the most demanding types of wood safer and more productive than swinging a maul and axe the integrated stroke limiter reduces cycle times for shorter logs the heavy duty 5 in steel wedge splits logs quickly and easily the vertical.

15 amp 5 ton electric log splitter with hydraulic ram get maximum results with minimal work with get maximum results with minimal work with the sun joe lj602e electric log splitter this portable log splitter is perfect for home or light duty use a powerful 15 amp motor easily splits a standard size firewood log 10 inches by 20 5 inches.

The log splitter should always be operated on level ground or be pointing uphill if your log splitter is failing to split any logs 90 of the time this will be the issue if the log splitter is not pointing downhill then it rsquo s likely low oil log splitter power issues now that we rsquo ve covered the most common issues and quick fixes.

Time to change the hydraulic fluid in your log splitter well even super hero log splitters need a little maintenance from time to time either way here is what you need to know about log splitter hydraulic fluid change too keep your machine hummin and your winter wood shed supply full if you want your log splitter to keep splitting for many years to come be sure.

A log splitter is an efficient hassle free way of getting firewood for your summer camping trips or to throw on your fireplace to keep you warm during the winter months it rsquo s easier than blowing the cobwebs off your axe and searching through your wardrobe for.