Forensic entomology is particularly useful for conducting forensic investigations in legal and criminal cases although it is mostly applied for investigation of a death it is also helpful in detection of drugs and poisons determination of the location of an incident and estimation of the time of infliction of wounds.

Forensic document examination has mostly been associated with lsquo white collar crimes rsquo involving business or financial deals however this branch of forensic science has significant applications in a wide range of cases from homicides to kidnappings to medical malpractices cases where forensic document examination is applied.

Some forensic disciplines practiced outside forensic laboratories include forensic pathology forensic nursing forensic psychiatry forensic entomology and forensic engineering practitioners of these disciplines are most often found in medical examiner or coroner offices in universities or in private practices.

Not surprisingly the desire for knowledge about the decomposition process and its applications to medicolegal death investigations has not only increased in forensic anthropology but in many other forensic science fields e g entomology pathology biology toxicology and chemistry and has resulted in an increase in decomposition research.

This is a ranking of the best forensic science colleges for 2021 in the u s this ranking is designed for students to make informed college and degree decisions in studying forensic science a forensic science degree can open many doors to a multitude of well paying and exciting career paths.

An intact and fully functional immune system plays a crucial role in the prevention of several infectious diseases interleukin il 17 is significantly involved in oral mucosa immunity against several antigens and microorganisms including candida albicans ca herein we present three cases of oral candidiasis oc related to the use of an il17a inhibitor for psoriasis.

In recent years climate change has been widely discussed around the world the intergovernmental panel on climate change ipcc published the sixth assessment report ar6 in 2021 which stated that with the intensification of global warming heavy rainfalls are becoming more severe and frequent economic development in recent years has also caused the.