Other managers and supervisors have primary responsibility for the exercise of position management by determining the duties and responsibilities to be assigned to individual positions determining whether positions should be established abolished or changed determining the number and types of positions necessary to accomplish the work of.

Plaintiffs cite to a decision issued by the federal labor relations authority flra u s department of commerce national oceanic and atmospheric administration office of noaa corps operations atlantic marine center norfolk virginia and international brotherhood of electrical workers 55 flra 816 1998 which was an appeal from an.

Flra 510 u s 487 500 and authorizing withholding only for personnel assigned to units that are sensitive nlrb member sent letters in attempt to secure reappointment would not add to understanding of nlrbs performance of its duties affd on other grounds.

Flra granted enforcement of a federal labor relations authority decision requiring the air force to disclose to a union a disciplinary letter that was issued to a bargaining unit employee rsquo s supervisor 104 f 3d 1396 1399 1401 02 d c cir 1997.

For instance although a due date is established for the work assigned to employees managers must recognize that off site employees or telecommuters will work at their own pace instead of focusing work efforts over an eight hour period the individual may work two hours here three hours at another time and another three late at night.