Florida car title replacement fees motorists who want to learn what are the fees to replace a lost car title in florida will need to pay a standard 75 25 fee however the cost for obtaining a duplicate title depend on whether there is a lien on the vehicle in question as well as if the automobile is for hire.

A completed application for duplicate or list in transit reassignment for a motor vehicle mobile home or vessel title certificate form hsmv 82101 a valid proof of identity you can use your driver rsquo s license or your id card for this procedure.

This particular form can be completed printed and saved on your computer you may wish to use it especially if youre selling a vehicle in california when selling a vehicle you can either obtain a copy of a bill of sale from your states motor vehicle department or online website or create one of your own following the instructions below.

If you are giving someone a vehicle in florida transfer your florida title to the new owner as if you were selling the vehicle you need the certificate of title and a bill of sale form hsmv 83330 the florida insurance affidavit title fees and registration fees its legal to give a car to a minor in florida.

Registration address change form an updated registration will be provided at a charge of 3 00 duplicate titles a duplicate title may be obtained by completing a hsmv 82101 application for duplicate or lost in transit reassignment for motor vehicle mobile home or vessel title certificate it must be signed and submitted to the tax collector.

Title jumping is the illegal practice of buying and selling a vehicle without registering it in your name at any point the title jumps from one owner to the next so there rsquo s no record of you owning the vehicle sellers with a jumped title or floated title are trying to avoid paying sales tax or the title transfer process.

Electronic filing system efs addtag is excited to announce the release of its new efs system efs allows dealers to apply to become authorized agents of the tax collector scanning the required title and registration documents which are then electronically submitted to the tax collector for grading and finalization the dealer agent will also house and issue.