A notary public loan signing agent is a notary public who walks a borrower through a set of loan documents when they purchase or refinance their home a loan signing agent ensures that the borrower has filled out their mortgage paperwork properly mdash making certain each document is signed dated or notarized appropriately.

National notary is a notary signing agent education course run by the national notary association this is one of the leading associations in the industry and they know everything a notary needs because of this they are a great option for those looking for the best notary signing agent course.

Many notary signing agent troubles stem from poor notary certificate completion and not paying attention to general notary work details notaries who start out as notary signing agents without notary skills make errors and are seldom called back for a second assignment start today with a course and get your basic notary training notary net.

You can take your notary public credentials a step further and become a certified signing agent due to recent financial regulation changes some documents require a certified signing agent seal instead of a notary public the most common documents to require a certified signing agent ndash or notary signing agent ndash are mortgage applications.

Still there are notary loan signing agents all over the country working this business both a side hustle or a full time profession one signing agent in my area is making an average of 8 000 month and she rsquo s only in her third month of full time business she got started just over a year ago while working a full time day job.

Full time notary signing agents work an average of forty to forty five hours a week including driving to appointments this works out to fifteen signings per month if your fee is 100 per signing you will bring in an average of 6 000 per month or 78 000 annually since your overhead is low much of those earnings turn into profit.