If you want to get the user sid on the device you could run the below command wmic useraccount get name sid it will return the local user list to get the sid for the current logged in domain user you could run the command whoami user the return like this.

Summary microsoft scripting guy ed wilson shows how to use windows powershell and wmi to translate a sid to a user name or a user name to a sid hey scripting guy i do a lot of work with active directory domain services ad ds and quite often i need to find the security identifier sid of a user i know that i can find the sid in active directory.

Summary microsoft scripting guy ed wilson shows how to use windows powershell to translate a user rsquo s sid to an active directory domain services account name hey scripting guy it seems that whenever i search for windows powershell scripts to translate a user name into a sid all i can find is a script that uses wmi.

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The sids associated with the account is the user rsquo s sid the group sids in which the user is a member including groups that those groups are a member of and sids contained in sid history using the powershell active directory cmdlet ldquo get aduser rdquo we can see there is no group membership assigned to the bobafett account though it does.

Get user sid in sharepoint using powershell limit search results to a specific content source in sharepoint 2016 april 24 sharepoint online set site column properties using powershell disable new folder in sharepoint online lists and libraries configure html field security in sharepoint online.

Session id sid is an optional claim that can be configured in the id tokens a claim allows the application to identify the user rsquo s azure ad session independent of the user rsquo s account name or username you can pass the sid in the request parameters to the acquiretokensilent call.

All of which is to say each option has value in my case the best option is using the first registry based query to find defunct profiles and user the delete method of the wmi profile class to remove the matched by sid profiles thank you again for this post.

Martinprikryl ah i am sorry the authorized keys file is present in users myloggedinadministratoruser ssh folder its contents are those which are copied from winscp putty generated key public key area it begins with ssh rsa followed by a bunch of alphanumeric letters and ends with rsa key 20190607 i hope that is correct ill update the.

Sql alter session kill session sid serial immediate using above query you can easily find the locked objects or the session holding the locks into the database blocking locks are very common into the database so you must check and eliminate before it cause more damage to the database.

Method 2 the resolution applies to the situation in which administrator account cant log on to the computer when the user whose logon fails because of too many group memberships is a member of the administrators group an administrator who has the credentials for the administrator account that is an account that has a well known relative identifier.

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The sid field is used by the client side extension to determine group membership we can determine this is an inclusive targeting item because of the text that represents the item within the list the word is in the text the user is a member of the security group contoso management.

I have a similar problem i deleted the local user folder from c users i cannot find the sid associated with this user in the registry not sure where i go from here the user still gets a temp profile the user is an it administrator and he is logging on to a terminal server 2008 r2 see the best answer that has been marked.

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Hotjar sets this cookie to detect the first pageview session of a user this is a true false flag set by the cookie hjfirstseen 30 minutes hotjar sets this cookie to identify a new user rsquo s first session it stores a true false value indicating whether it was the first time hotjar saw this user hjid 1 year.