The department of accounting and finance offers students a plethora of financial academic and professional resources news and events take a look at the latest news out of our department and view all our upcoming webinars tax conferences and programs.

The industry calendar offers a wide variety of accounting audio conferences for all of your accounting professional needs each of our accounting audio conferences is a 90 minute presentation that focuses on a specific accounting function from recruiting to hiring to administering your compliance responsibilities and everything in between.

About bachelor of accounting finance baf bachelor of accounting and finance baf is a three year undergraduate course that offers in depth knowledge in accounting and financial subjects by different means such as classroom teachings seminars projects practical training industrial visits conferences expert talks etc.

How to get an accounting certificate requirements for accounting certificates vary by program programs geared toward high school graduates typically require a high school diploma or ged and often require the completion of prerequisite courses such as economics english introductory accounting and statistics.

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Covers articles about accounting finance company filing credit repair payroll and tax information cpa clinics is an international company with a service platform that globally connects specialist providers with clients to optimally provide the services they need about when mark isnt speaking at conferences or at awaydays he works.

In accounting all costs associated with the acquisition of an asset other comprehensive basis of accounting ocboa consistent accounting basis other than generally accepted accounting principles gaap used for financial reporting examples include an income tax basis or a cash basis.