Anthropologist margaret mead a curator of ethnology at the american museum of natural history from 1928 to her retirement in 1969 published her famous coming of age in samoa in 1928 receiving her ph d from columbia in 1929 the book which claimed that girls and boys in the samoan culture were both taught to and allowed to value their.

Margaret mead was an american cultural anthropologist and writer mead did her undergraduate work at barnard college where she met franz boas who she went on to do her anthropology ph d at.

Margaret mead born december 16 1901 philadelphia pennsylvania u s mdash died november 15 1978 new york new york american anthropologist whose great fame owed as much to the force of her personality and her outspokenness as it did to the quality of her scientific work mead entered depauw university in 1919 and transferred to barnard college a year later.

Shes one of the most famous movie actresses of all time and known as the quintessential sex symbol of the mid 20th century margaret mead was a cultural anthropologist known for her theory that the culture rather than heredity shapes personality and making anthropology an accessible subject for all became the first female prime.

New analysis of child remains unearthed in an italian cave reveal that they belong to the earliest known homo sapiens female infant burial but anthropologist michael has become famous.

The extract is taken from mirror mirror the astrology of famous people and the actors who have portrayed them the book contains over 100 examples of the great synastry and contains a foreword by the legendary julia parker the book is available in softcover and kindle and can be purchased on amazon.

Behavioral sink also known as the mouse utopia experiments is a hypothesis proposed by ethologist john b calhoun after a series of experiments about overcrowding in rodents on the rat experiment it is popular among groups within the manosphere due to some of its results reinforcing their narratives over societal behaviors.