Here are 26 interesting thunderstorm facts 1 5 thunderstorm facts 1 a thunderstorm named ldquo hector the convector rdquo has rained on a portion of australia nearly every day since at least wwii ndash source 2 antimatter positrons occur naturally above thunderstorm clouds ndash source 3 in 1955 a thunderstorm in belgium set off 40 000 pounds of.

16 social media users are a high risk group for identity theft those who use social media are among the most likely to experience fraud javelin strategy found that individuals who have an active social media presence had a 30 percent higher risk of being a fraud victim than those who weren rsquo t active people who use facebook instagram and.

Featured expert kaiser permanente kwame akoto md mid atlantic permanente medical group the covid 19 vaccine offers the best way to bring the ongoing pandemic to an end yet much conflicting.

Teens are usually sharing their password to their friends than parents that is why their account can be hacked easily pose embarrassing or hurtful content of the victim and send disturbing emails are things which can be done by the hacker don rsquo t share your password facts about internet safety 5 cyberbullying.

Created by a former telecommunications engineer and executive defendershield has been recognized as the trusted worldwide leader in emf radiation protection and education over the past decade our mission has been to support consumers in living healthy lives by sharing our knowledge of emf radiation and its potential health issues while providing the.

Here are 25 kickass random facts for part 687 click here 1 5 kickass random fact 1 dr charles r drew an african american developed improved techniques for blood storage which saved thousands of allied forces rsquo lives during wwii in 1942 however he resigned as director of the first american red cross blood bank because of.

November 2008 ndash the critically endangered cheetah the world rsquo s fastest land animal is set to obtain added international protection next week at a united nations backed conference seeking to strengthen conservation of species that often cross national borders felid tag 2003 recommendation cheetah acinonyx jubatus after determining.

Many people across the world love taylor swift and they can rsquo t get enough of her when it comes to interesting facts and information about her life she is truly america rsquo s sweetheart and she has captivated audiences for over a decade so we have come up with 13 fun facts that all fans of taylor swift will enjoy 1.

Hello world want to take a journey back in history two decades ago ndash in 1999 putin became the president of russia the euro became a reality star wars episode i was released and we had mobile phones with antennas some things didn rsquo t change in 20 years but at least we don rsquo t have antennas sticking out of our pockets anymore.

The national wildlife refuge system act of 1966 includes measures to preserve ecosystems for endangered species perpetuate migratory bird species preserve natural diversity and create a public appreciation for wildlife protection the refuge system is administered by the u s fish and wildlife service an agency of the department of the.

The starchild the demon the spaceman the catman the fire breathing blood spitting rocket shooting american rock band kiss knows how to leave their mark on you one way or another if you ever see them in concert a kiss show is more of an experience than anything else in large part due to the fantastical and theatrical stage sets and shock rock gags.

It includes a quickshifter auxiliary led headlight engine protection bar keyless ride central locking system and anti theft alarm bmw.

Ransomware statistics trends and facts for 2021 and beyond ransomware attacks are growing in size and frequency threatening businesses around the world.

3 43 of cyber attacks target small business 64 of companies have experienced web based attacks 62 experienced phishing social engineering attacks 59 of companies experienced malicious code and botnets and 51 experienced denial of service attacks small organizations those with fewer than 500 employees spend an average of 7 68 million per.

Xbox facts and history here are some interesting data and facts regarding the history of the xbox 7 the idea of creating the xbox began in 1998 source digital trends according to original xbox facts four gentlemen ndash kevin bachus ted hase otto berkes and seamus blackley ndash came up with the idea of creating microsoft rsquo s first.

A password will be e mailed to you a dozen fast facts 2022 royal enfield himalayan review a dozen fast facts the windscreen is new and offers more protection when you hit the.

Creating a conscious alternative news network that we feel the world needs pura vida costa rica is a country in central america it rsquo s the only spanish speaking country in the americas with a population of more than 4 million people the word ldquo costa rdquo means coast but it also means beauty.