How many users does facebook have with roughly 2 89 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2021 facebook is the biggest social network worldwide.

On average facebook users open the app at least eight times a day with the average us user spending at least 38 minutes a day on the app with about 69 of all adults being active facebook users this remains one of the apps with the biggest user base in the world and an increasingly engaged audience.

With more than 2 6 billion monthly active users facebook is the most popular social media worldwide with an audience of this scale it.

27 facebook user demographics you need to know in 2021 1 facebook has more than 2 74 billion monthly active users facebook rsquo s latest figures show more than 2 74 billion users mdash that rsquo s an increase of 12 year over year and fun fact more than the entire population of india and china combined.

Facebook took the longest to reach a billion monthly active users tiktok messenger the least heres a look at the number of years it took for social media giants to reach a user base of one.

800 million monthly active users are on the marketplace how often do brands post a day on facebook brands post an average of 2 37 posts per day hootsuite we are social how many people use facebook as a news source 36 of us americans use facebook as news source or 54 of facebook users journalism org more social app data linkedin.

Here rsquo s a summary of the facebook statistics you need to know in 2021 2 80 billion monthly active users use facebook it also has 1 84 billion users that are visiting the social networking site on a daily basis facebook is the leading social media platform reaching 59 0 percent of social media users.

Facebook had 1 88 billion daily active users at the end of the first quarter up 8 percent from a year earlier and the social media platform had 2 85 billion monthly active users.

1 users ages 25 ndash 34 years are the largest demographic in the distribution of global facebook users 19 3 were male users between 25 and 34 years old and 13 1 were female users in the same age range while facebook users can be found at all ages 72 8 are within the 18 ndash 44 years old range 2 india has the most amount of facebook users in.

Monthly active users on the platform in the us canada continue to go up facebook is not synonymous with the internet despite its best efforts but its website and apps offer a bevy of.

Facebook user and demographics statistics there are 2 375bn billion monthly active users as of q3 2018 over 1bn of those are mobile only users there are 1 49 billion daily active users 47 of facebook users only access the platform through mobile 83 of parents on facebook are friends with their children facebook adds 500 000 new users every day 6.

Trust us on this facebook stories could be your ticket to better engagement and more followers in 2021 in fact according to internal data facebook stories has over 500 million daily active users and we predict it rsquo ll rise this year with easy to use features a prime viewing location on facebook rsquo s news feed and ample opportunity to promote your brand and business.

First quarter 2021 operational and other financial highlights facebook daily active users daus ndash daus were 1 88 billion on average for march 2021 an increase of 8 year over year facebook monthly active users maus ndash maus were 2 85 billion as of march 31 2021 an increase of 10 year over year family daily active people dap ndash dap was 2 72 billion on.

The sold data included 533 313 128 facebook users with information such as a members mobile number facebook id name gender location relationship status occupation date of birth and email.

The active users report can be viewed for trends over the last 7 days 30 days 90 days or 180 days however if you view a particular day in the report the table will show data for up to 28 days from the current date not the date the report was generated the data in each report usually covers up to the last 24 to 48 hours the users chart.