If your pc or more likely your next pc has intels realsense 3d camera along with windows 10 then you can simply place your face in front of your pc to log in to windows.

Fight over walmart parking space leads to fractured face cop log the rules of replying be respectful this is a space for friendly local discussions no.

Meebo is now part of google meebo was acquired by google on june 4 2012 our team is now working just a few miles down the road with the google team where we continue to focus on creating delightful experiences for our users developers and publishers.

Open new doors billions of free historical records are accessible anywhere anytime sign in to find new records about your ancestors.

The trend of hidden face dps display profile pictures aka profile pics of girls are getting more more popular day by day especially in countries like india pakistan and other asian arab countries before this trend was followed by only muslims because muslims prefer hijab covering their face head with a pieces of cloths.

If your developing an app that uses google fonts and want to ensure your users do not see these warnings a possible solution detailed here was to load the fonts locally i used this solution for an application which at times has slow internet or no internet access but still serves pages this assumes your app uses google fonts and updates to these fonts are not critical.

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