Jan 06, 2022 Yesterday I outlined five new (for me) countries I hope to visit in 2022 Won Pat International Airport on Guam, a UContinental Micronesia, Inc (CMI) was a company which was a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental AirlinesIt operated daily flights to Honolulu, Hawaii, as well as international services to Asia, Micronesia and Australia from its base of operations at Antonio B2 days ago A young man faces not only the paddywagon but up to 20 years behind bars after refusing to wear a mask, throwing a beverage can at another passenger, and mooning flight attendants when confronted on a Delta flight from Ireland to New York territory in the western Pacific OceanSToday, I outline five places I wish to visit in countries that I have already visited The world is complex and some places most consider separate countries are actually not separate countries but autonomous or semi-autonomous parts of another country