Apbt american pit bull terrier is a purebred dog breed recognized by the united kennel club ukc and american dog breeders association adba and unfortunately it is not recognized in south africa by the kennel union of southern africa kusa and tracking the purity of the american pit bull terrier dogs and their origin.

When dealing with breeders beware if they refuse to show the pups parents or if they fail to produce a certificate of vaccination and de worming ask for names of other buyers who have purchased their puppies if you suspect a puppy mill in your community call 1 877 mill tip vist the humane society for more info.

Special thanks to paige palmer for using our dogs in this amazing video of american pit bull terrier big congrats to liliths first ukc show s she placed best puppy and best female reserve at the uck show this past weekend 10 04 15 in tx big congrats to christina tanon owned and handler of redwood lilith we are very proud of you all great job.

American bully standard std pocket p xl xl classic cls american bulldog ab english bulldog eb shorty bull sb french bulldog fb olde english bulldogge oeb bull terrier bt staffordshire bull terrier ndash sbt american pitbull terrier ndash apbt american staffordshire terrier ndash ast minature bull terrier ndash mbt presa canario ndash pc cane corso.

Apbt rsquo s come in a variety of different colors including brindle black white brown or a mix of all of them along with the label comes additional health conditions and often higher price tags because he is rarer in color many unethical breeders breed genetically close red noses in order to increase the chances of their puppies also.

The apbt and the red nose pitbull have an interesting breed history the american pitbull terrier has its roots in 19th century england here the powerful muscular bully breeds were often developed to keep unruly bull and livestock under control.

The blue nose pitbull is a type of american pitbull with blue gray hue to its nose skin eyes and toenails playful great with children and athletic a well bred and trained blue nose pitbull makes a great family dog but have you got what it takes find out more.

American pit bull terrier according to the united kennel club the american pit bull terrier apbt was created by crossbreeding old english bulldogs and terriers to produce a dog that combined the strength of the bulldog with the gameness and agility of the terrier.

The apbt is one of the few breeds the akc actually didnt want on their roster this is how you get working dogs with completely separate show and performance lines e g labs gsds etc showline gsds are basically hunchback cripples.

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