Academic writer includes formatting tools and structured forms to help you seamlessly format your title page in apa style 1 unless requested otherwise consult your instructor for appropriate formatting guidelines 2 the running head is not required for student papers unless requested by your instructor or institution the running head is an.

The difference between a professional title page and a student title page in apa both student and professional title pages require a title author and an affiliation both types of title page also require the same basic formatting including 1 inch indentations on all sides and a page number in the top right corner.

Apa alphabetization guidelines references are ordered alphabetically by the first author rsquo s last name if the author is unknown order the reference entry by the first meaningful word of the title ignoring articles ldquo the rdquo ldquo a rdquo or ldquo an rdquo.

For more information about formatting the author note see section 2 7 of the apa publication manual page header for a student title page the page header consists of just a page number in the top right corner there is no need for a running head as was the case in apa 6th edition a professional title page does have a running head.

Avoid using abbreviations in a title the title should be provided in title case this means that all major words are capitalized be bolded centered and begin 3 4 lines down from the top margin of the paper put a double spaced blank line between the title and the byline the paper title also appears at the top of the first page of your paper.

Formatting an apa title page note all text on the title page should be double spaced and typed in either 12 point times new roman font in the 7th edition apa increaded the flexibility regarding font options which now include calibri 11 arial 11 lucida sans unicode 10 times new roman 12 or georgia 11.

Each of these is discussed in the publication manual of the american psychological association 6th ed on pp 25 27 if you include an abstract begin on a new page right after the title page the second page on the first line of the abstract page center and bold the word abstract do not use italics underlining or quotation marks.

Page number should be flush right title page title should be typed in title case bold centered and positioned in upper half of title page if title is longer than one line separate the title and subtitle on double spaced lines if desired.

The 7th edition publication manual for apa introduced the student and professional papers the major differences between these two types of papers is found on the title page please see the guidelines below for formatting the title page of your document also note follow your professors guidelines for formatting the title page.

Title pages in apa format the title page or apa format cover page is the first page of a paper or essay some teachers and professors do not require a title page but some do if you rsquo re not sure if you should include one or not ask your teacher some appreciate the page which clearly displays the writer rsquo s name and the title of the paper.

Student title page bull format section 2 3 bull entire page is double spaced bull each element is centered bull do not use italics underlining or different font sizes bull title section 2 4 bull summarizes main idea concisely in an engaging way bull title case bull capitalize first letter and any major words of four letters or more plus any.

In addition to appearing on the title page the title of the essay should also appear at the top of the first full page of text and should be centred in title case and bolded apa 2020 p 39 see page two in the annotated student sample paper for an example of this formatting.

Your paper should have three major sections the title page main body and references list the publication manual covers these guidelines in chapter 2 the apa website also has a quick answers mdash formatting page these guidelines will cover how to set up a student paper in apa format.

This guide is designed as a quick reference to common apa citation reference and formatting criteria when in doubt we encourage users to consult with the apa publication manual or apa website for further clarification as the authority on formatting attribution for guide adapted from american psychological association 2020.

Place only page numbers in the header your paper should have the full title in bold place an extra space beneath the title and before your name your name your affiliation the course title professor rsquo s name and due date should be double spaced beneath the title all of this should be in the center of the title page.

When to include page numbers for more detailed information see publication manual sections 8 23 8 36 when paraphrasing apa style does not require page numbers in the in text citation however authors are encouraged to include page numbers if it will help the reader locate the relevant information in longer texts.