For uc berkeley 2021 was a year of deep reflection and great achievement anthony d joseph a berkeley engineering professor and an expert in cybersecurity noted the importance of the experian alerts additional detailed information is available via this web page and the video recording of a recent town hall.

The complete results of this analysis indicating the change in level of segregation and racial composition for every metropolitan area from 1990 to 2019 are available here we also calculated a complete list of the most to least segregated cities and metropolitan areas in the united states again available on the ldquo tables rdquo menu on the right hand side of the project page.

Turning the tables participation and power in negotiations by jane mcalevey and abby lawlor illustrates best practices for building the power to win in today rsquo s challenging union climate the report features a series of case studies in collective bargaining during the four years under trump they cover four key employment sectors teachers nurses hotel workers.

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The numbers are startling in the wake of deadly covid infections quarantines and isolation nearly 3 percent of the entire u s workforce resigned in the month of august alone what is higher ed rsquo s role in reshaping careers and lives.

Dr rachel bystritsky a uc san francisco infectious diseases doctor said at the uc san francisco forum she rsquo d get tested before seeing her vaccinated 97 year old grandmother and would have them.