Anterior definition situated before or at the front of fore opposed to posterior see more.

In our reviewed studies eyre et al found verbal memory performance to be correlated with increased connectivity between the pregenual anterior cingulate cortex frontal medial cortex posterior cingulate cortex middle frontal gyrus and lateral occipital cortex following a 12 week yoga intervention.

The anterior nucleus is thought to be involved with memory due to its extensive connectivity to the hippocampus it is also connected to the mammillothalamic tract from the mammillary nucleus of the mammillary bodies to the hypothalamus and the cingulate gyrus involved in processing emotions and behavior regulation.

Clinical and electrophysiological outcomes of deep tms over the medial prefrontal and anterior cingulate cortices in ocd patients carmi et.

We stimulated an array of sites in caudal to mid lpfc of two macaques under anesthesia figures 1c and 1d the sites covered 366 and 328 mm 2 of the cortex see star methods from the anterior bank of the arcuate sulcus as to caudal to mid ps in monkeys j and n respectively with a median spacing of 2 mm mapped onto the surface the em fmri.