Ant download manager antdm is a quick download manager for any internet file that fully integrates with all popular browsers antdm allows to download free streaming video and audio from numerous web sites supports p2p peer to peer protocol.

I use linux and would prefer not having to create a pom xml file but if there isnt another way then ill use the xml file to generate the war file edit so jar is the way to go to create a war file i wrote up a tiny script that will create a war file for me for a specific directory.

Mkdir your project name cd your project name yarn create umi or npm create umi choose ant design pro select the boilerplate type use arrow keys ant design pro create project with an layout only ant design pro boilerplate use together with umi block app create project with a simple boilerplate support typescript block create a umi.

Soldiers fight the enemy red ants and protect the ant hill workers maintain the food supply and build out the ant hill while breeders are used to start more ant colonies in the effort to take over the human rsquo s property the player can switch from controlling one ant to another as necessary to do different tasks in the game directly.

Click info in the properties area file size is listed beside size for some of the following strategies you will need to close and save the file and then check file size again to see a difference in file size 1 compress pictures ideally if you use small sizes when you insert pictures this will reduce the size of your word documents.