Create a stirrup piece by applying the tape against the top of one anchor strip advancing it over the ankle going over the heel and ending at the same place on the opposite side of the leg.

Wrap the ankle when you get to the ankle bring the end of the bandage up outside of the foot over the instep and around the inside of the ankle then bring it around the heel back up over the instep under the foot and around the ankle continue making this ldquo figure eight rdquo around the ankle several times to fully stabilize the ankle.

Severe injury may utilize lace up ankle brace stirrup or taping weight bearing depends on patients rsquo symptoms and injury severity an vary from nw to full w rsquo ing use of crutches is advised until gait is essentially normal specific instructions external rotation and end range dorsiflexion are avoided suggested treatments.

Patients should wear a lace up ankle support or an air stirrup brace combined with an elastic compression wrap to reduce swelling and.

She turned her ankle stepping off a curb about six weeks ago they placed her in an air stirrup in the ed but that didnt really help her bruising and swelling has resolved but she continues to have a lot of pain over the lateral foot and ankle here are her x rays what youll notice here is some abnormality at the base of the fifth metatarsal.

Tibia fibula ankle and foot fracture or injury splint technique distal tibia or distal fibula fracture posterior short leg stirrup splint can be applied for additional stability ankle sprain grade 2 or 3 stirrup talus calcaneus navicular cuboid cuneiform fracture posterior short leg metatarsal fracture.