Your physical therapist can prescribe the right exercises for you to do at the right stage of healing to ensure that you can return to optimal mobility quickly and safely your pt will likely prescribe a specific exercise program during your ankle fracture rehabilitation the goals of the program are to help improve ankle mobility strength.

Committing to performing daily exercises for your ankle arthritis is the best way to see the gains that can help with your pain and limited mobility ankle exercises for arthritis starting any exercise program can be tough and if youve never performed ankle exercises you may need to start slow and build your strength and mobility over time.

Ankle sprain prevention exercises improve ankle dorsiflexion mobility as mentioned before the balance between mobility and stability is key with that being said limited ankle dorsiflexion mobility is a significantly common external risk factor for lateral ankle sprains.

Torn pcl rehabilitation program phase 1 immediately following injury aims ndash to control swelling maintain the ability to straighten and bend the leg and to begin strengthening exercises for the leg muscles when possible duration ndash 2 weeks rest from aggravating activities use crutches if necessary complete rest for the first 48 hours after that let pain be.